Flexible Intermediate Bulk Container

Also Known As FIBC Bags

Flexible Intermediate Bulk Container bags (FIBC) from Bulk Bag Depot are made of woven polypropylene, a thermoplastic polymer that is considered to have the lowest environmental impact of any natural or synthetic material. FIBC bags come in all shapes, sizes, capacities, and specifications and can be used for multiple applications across industries that transfer dry bulk materials:

  • Chemical industry
  • Pharmaceutical industry
  • Food industry
  • Manufacturing industry
  • Agriculture industry 
  • Construction industry

Suitable for the storage of a diverse range of materials including plastics, fertilizers, grains, seeds, chemicals, pharmaceuticals, and construction materials, such as sand or gravel, FIBC bags are constructed to exceed compliance standards, thus rendering them particularly strong and durable.

In partnership with a small group of high-end manufacturing partners, Bulk Bag Depot manufactures all designations of UN Certified FIBC bags, including basic A types that have no static protection and should not be used to store materials that are combustible. We also manufacture B, C, and D types of FIBC bags that are capable of safely storing and transporting combustible powders, dust, or vapors.

At Bulk Bag Depot, we also offer custom bulk bags with specialized LDPE/LLDE linings approved for use by the pharmaceutical industry.

Bulk Container Bags for Storage

Bulk Bag Depot products are constructed to be highly durable, flexible, and malleable. As such, our bags can be stacked on shipping pallets; lifted by forklifts; used for sandbagging and flood remediation; and then cleaned, stored, and reused numerous times.

We can manufacture virtually any type, size, volume, shape, or configuration of FIBC bags. Handles are stitched into the heavy duty seams of the bag for enhanced strength and stability when they are being lifted or transported. Our manufacturing techniques employ different methods of stitching that are informed by how the bags will be used and transported.

We even accommodate custom requests for FIBC bags — made to your unique needs and specifications. To learn more or to request a quote, call one of our product specialists at
(800) 645-3183.

FIBC Bags Specification


Specifications of Flexible Intermediate Bulk Bags Technical Drawings

Spout Top / Spout Bottom

Example of Duffle Top Flexible Intermediate Bulk Bag Specifications

Duffle Top / Spout Bottom

Open Top FIBC Bags Specs

Open Top / Spout Bottom


Specs of FIBC Bulk Bags Technical Drawings

Spout Top / Flat Bottom

Example of Duffle Top Flat Bottom Flexible Intermediate Bulk Bag

Duffle Top / Flat Bottom

Flat Bottom Open Top Flexible Intermediate Bulk Bags Specifications

Open Top / Flat Bottom



Baffled Bags Example Flexible Intermediate Bulk Bags

Baffled Bags

Bulk Bags with Liners - Examples FIBC

Bulk Bags with Liners