Custom Bulk Bags

Our flexible intermediate bulk container bags deliver top-value storage solutions for different applications. Our bulk bags are made of woven polypropylene, a thermoplastic polymer that is highly malleable, making them a perfect container for a variety of materials and applications. These heavy-duty bulk containers effectively store and transport various products for industries such as pharmaceutical, industrial, and agricultural.

Each of our bulk bags is designed above all compliance standards and can be fully-customized to meet your unique application. With our custom bulk bag offerings, you can request bag configurations and specifications that best suit your needs.

Our Custom FIBC Bags

Custom bulk bags are constructed with woven polypropylene for enhanced strength and durability, as well as the flexibility to handle a variety of products. Our FIBC bulk bags can be customized to suit your specific needs, including everything from preventing spillage during transport to maintaining safe conditions for transporting hazardous and remediation materials. No matter your unique product or process, our custom bulk bag options will ensure reliable handling of your dry bulk materials.

Custom Bulk Bag Options

From customizable bag configurations and loop placement, to integration of customizable branding visuals, we ensure high-quality handling of your bulk materials. Your custom bulk bag options are extensive. Whether you require top-quality bulk bags to store and deliver products like cement, soil, or sand, your custom bulk bags can be built in many different formats to suit your every need.

Our bulk bags can also be customized with a variety of loop construction options such as cross corner, edge corner, or covered, and top construction options such as flap top, duffle top, and open top. Additionally, you can choose from Type A, B, C, and D bulk bags depending on the non-conductive fabric that you prefer. Customers may also choose from different bulk bag styles that include circular, U-panel, clover, baffled, or four-paneled. Additionally, our custom bulk bags can also offer specialized LDPE/LLDE liners, approved for use in the pharmaceutical industry.

Our custom-made storage bags are designed to accommodate your bulk bag storage needs. We can help you decide which customization options best suit your product needs. Contact us today to request a quote and to learn more about our custom bulk bag solutions.