Polypropylene Bulk Bags

Our polypropylene bulk bags are made from a durable plastic resin known as a thermoplastic polymer, a material known for its low environmental impact. Constructed to be highly durable, versatile, and flexible, these bulk bags can reliably pack, store, and transport a diverse range of dry bulk materials in a wide variety of applications.

Polyethylene vs Polypropylene Bags

Both polyethylene and polypropylene bags have positive characteristics that make them favorable to different industries in meeting their bulk bag needs. You should always consider your budget and the dry bulk materials that need to be transported when deciding between these different types of bags. While these two materials are both durable, flexible, and resistant to tears, there are a host of differences.

Polyethylene Bags

Polyethylene bags are made from 100% pure material with a low static charge and a strong resistance to dirt and dust. These heavy-duty bulk bags are equipped for food-grade applications, packaging applications, and protecting aged materials from sun damage. Because this material creates a translucent, plastic film that blocks out sunlight, polyethylene is a popular choice among museums, archivists, and collectors.

Food-Grade Polypropylene Bags

Bulk bags made of polypropylene can also offer protective benefits in preserving food and agricultural products. Our food-grade bulk bags are compliant with FDA and USDA recommendations given their ability to protect against vapor, dirt, and moisture. These highly-durable and flexible super sacks are clear which makes them a go-to choice for items that need to stay visible while packaged and shipped.

Types of Polypropylene Bags

Woven and non-woven polypropylene bulk bags are the two most common types of these sturdy bags. While they are both made from the same kind of recycled plastic resin, the primary difference is in the way each bag is built. Manufactured by machine-weaving plastic threads, woven polypropylene bags typically have a checkered look while non-woven bags have a more solid appearance because they are made by taking the polymers and spinning and pressing the threads.

Woven Polypropylene Bags

Our custom woven polypropylene bags offer superior strength in meeting your packaging and shipping needs. These weather-resistant bags come with customer delivery and design options and can be laminated, sewn, and printed with your company’s logo or other branding. PP woven bags will safely and securely store and transport dry goods with the durability and tear-resistance that make them a popular type of bulk bags.

Polypropylene Grain Bags

Our high-quality polypropylene grain bags are USDA approved for reliably storing and transporting dry goods. These feed bags are commonly used in the agricultural industry because they are highly resistant to contaminants that would threaten the integrity of the feed that is packaged inside them.

Polypropylene Sand Bags

Because polypropylene is constructed to be durable and tear-resistant, they are effective in storing sand. Woven polypropylene sand bags are used for traffic control, construction applications, military fortification, and floor protection. We offer these sand bags at wholesale to meet your protective and blocking needs.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are polypropylene bags and what are they used for?

These bulk bags are flexible intermediate bulk containers (FIBCs) that enable the handling of different types of bulk materials. They are strong, puncture-resistant super sacks that offer optimal bulk bag solutions for the agriculture industry, among others. Due to the semi-rigid, heat-resistant, and antibacterial properties that make up the polypropylene fabric, PP bags do not absorb water nor contaminants which is useful in storing and delivering food.

Dry bulk materials such as grain, sand, and fertilizers can be packaged, stored, and transported to customers in our bulk bags with enhanced ease. These lightweight but industrial-grade bulk bags save money and time in transferring agricultural products from farms to factories. Polypropylene reusable bags are also eco-friendly and possess excellent resistance to damaging elements such as acids and organic solvents.

What are polypropylene bags used for?

These 100% reusable bags are highly resistant to stress, cracking, and decreasing agents which make them one of the most widely used types of bulk bags for agricultural products. Polypropylene bags are commonly used to package consumer goods such as grain, sand, fruits, and vegetables. PP woven bags are also used in geotechnical engineering, tourism and transport, and flood control products.

Are Polypropylene Bags Reusable?

Our polypropylene reusable bags are made from 100% recyclable plastic fibers. These cost-effective, eco-friendly PP bags are easy to clean and can be customized for your business and branding needs. Save money by reusing our bulk bags when storing and transporting any number of dry bulk materials. As a green product, these bags will reduce your company’s overall environmental impact and showcase your commitment to using sustainable materials.

High Quality Polypropylene Bulk Bags

Where to Buy

As a leading woven bulk bags supplier, we offer these durable, reusable bulk bags at an exceptional value. If you’re looking into bulk bags for sale, contact one of our product specialists to learn about how we can provide customized polypropylene bags in bulk with fast turnaround and outstanding customer service. Call (800) 645-3183 or get a quote on our website today.

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