Bulk Material Bags

At Bulk Bag Depot, we manufacture some of the best flexible intermediate bulk container, or FIBC bags for bulk materials in the U.S. Our extensive selection of configurations offer invaluable options to meet your custom bulk bag storage needs. Every bag is constructed above compliance standards to hold 5 times the SWL (Safe Working Load) that is featured on each label. With over 100 types of FIBC bags and over ½ million in-stock bulk bags, our fully-customizable bulk material bags deliver cost-effective bulk storage solutions for a range of solid products.

Our Bulk Material Handling Bags

Offered at volume discount pricing, our top-quality bulk material handling bags are known for reliably storing and transporting different types of dry bulk materials. From gravel and sand to grains and seeds, different types of construction materials — and many other products — can be packed, handled, and shipped with our high quality material storage bags.

Given that our bulk bags are made of woven polypropylene, they are incredibly strong and highly
durable — no matter the dry bulk material involved. They ensure safe handling of different materials while preserving their integrity during transport. Learn more about the various bulk materials that our bulk bags can handle for you.

Bags for Bulk Materials


Gravel is made up of rock fragments in a loose aggregation. Our jumbo gravel bulk bags ensure resistance to tears and punctures while dependably storing and transporting this type of solid material for landscaping and other businesses.


Smaller than gravel, sand is composed of mineral particles that are granular in size. While found on beaches and deserts, sand is often stored and shipped for construction purposes. Our super sack sand bags can fulfill your bulk bag sand needs at an exceptional value.


Agricultural producers in the U.S. need reliable bulk grain storage bags when shipping their products to market via trucks, barges, or water vessels. Our polypropylene grain bags with liners effectively safeguard dry bulk material from moisture and other elements during transport.

Topsoil & Seeds

Seeds are embryonic plants that are often stored and shipped for agricultural purposes. Seed material bulk bags provide reliable storage and protection to maintain dry conditions, thus increasing their potential for profitability. Similarly, topsoil also requires protection during transportation or storage, and can hugely benefit from FIBC bags.

Fertilizer & Salt

Salt and fertilizers in bulk quantities require careful packaging due to the nature of their contents. To adequately protect these raw materials, we offer flexible intermediate bulk containers (FIBC) bulk bags for salt and fertilizer storage and transport use.

Other Raw Materials

Our bulk material handling bags can also accommodate other solid or fine products, including cement, cotton, soil, and other raw materials. These lightweight, reusable, and highly-durable material storage bags can be customized to meet your unique bulk material bag needs. Contact us today to learn more about our bulk material storage solutions.

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