Duffle Top / Flat Bottom Bulk Bags

Bulk Bag Depot’s Top / Flat Bottom bulk bags feature an extended inlet that follows the bulk bag’s dimensions from its top seam that helps provide a large opening. Characterized by the lightweight duffle top with a flat bottom and no discharge option, these FIBC bags also have a u-shape body and four 10” lifting loops. The duffle top optimizes the time spent filling and discharging dry bulk materials, such as grains, seeds, and gravel, while the flat bottom provides a sturdy base. Learn more about all of our bulk bags for sale.

Duffle Top / Flat Bottom FIBC Bag Specifications

Our Duffle Top / Flat Bottom bulk bags are made with high-quality woven polypropylene and are offered in a variety of sizes, dimensions, and configurations. Specifications for our in-stock bulk bags are outlined below.


Size (W x D x H)Item #Cu. Ft. Capacity (ft³)Cu. M. Capacity (m³)SWL (lbs)CoatedLoopsSift Proof SeamsDownload Spec Sheet
35 x 35 x 35AKZ353535CDF-SPS24.80.73000YesLifting LoopsYesSpec Sheet
35 x 35 x 40AKZ353540CDF-SPS28.30.83000YesLifting LoopsYesSpec Sheet
35 x 35 x 45AKZ353545CDF-SPS31.20.883000YesLifting LoopsYesSpec Sheet
35 x 35 x 50AKZ353550CDF-SPS35.413000YesLifting LoopsYesSpec Sheet
35 x 35 x 55AKZ353555CDF-SPS391.13000YesLifting LoopsYesSpec Sheet
35 x 35 x 60AKZ353560CDF-SPS42.51.23000YesLifting LoopsYesSpec Sheet
36 x 36 x 50AKZ363650UDFL37.51.063000NoLifting LoopsNoSpec Sheet

Custom Duffle Top / Flat Bottom sizes are also available. Please contact us to request a quote.

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