Duffle Top / Flat Bottom Bulk Bags

Bulk Bag Depot’s Top / Flat Bottom bulk bags feature an extended inlet that follows the bulk bag’s dimensions from its top seams, providing a large opening for material entry. Characterized by the lightweight duffle top, these FIBC bags have a U-shaped body, four uniform lifting loops, and optional sift-proof seams. The duffle top optimizes time spent filling and discharging dry bulk materials, such as grains, seeds, and gravel, while the flat bottom provides a sturdy base for these high-quality, freestanding bulk bags. Learn more about all of our bulk bags for sale or contact us for a quote at (800) 645-3183.

Duffle Top / Flat Bottom FIBC Bag Specifications

Our Duffle Top / Flat Bottom bulk bags are made with high-quality woven polypropylene and are offered in a variety of sizes, dimensions, and configurations. Specifications for our in-stock bulk bags are outlined below.


Size (W x D x H)Item #Cu. Ft. Capacity (ft³)Cu. M. Capacity (m³)SWL (lbs)CoatedLoopsSift Proof SeamsDownload Spec Sheet
35 x 35 x 35AKZ353535CDF-SPS24.80.73000YesLifting LoopsYesSpec Sheet
35 x 35 x 40AKZ353540CDF-SPS28.30.83000YesLifting LoopsYesSpec Sheet
35 x 35 x 45AKZ353545CDF-SPS31.20.883000YesLifting LoopsYesSpec Sheet
35 x 35 x 50AKZ353550CDF-SPS35.413000YesLifting LoopsYesSpec Sheet
35 x 35 x 55AKZ353555CDF-SPS391.13000YesLifting LoopsYesSpec Sheet
35 x 35 x 60AKZ353560CDF-SPS42.51.23000YesLifting LoopsYesSpec Sheet
36 x 36 x 50AKZ363650UDFL37.51.063000NoLifting LoopsNoSpec Sheet
Custom Duffle Top / Flat Bottom sizes are also available. Please contact us to request a quote.

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