FIBC Bulk Bags For Sale in South Carolina

High Quality Bulk Bags near Bluffton, Beaufort, Hardeeville & Hilton Head

Bulk Bag Depot is one of the largest FIBC (flexible intermediate bulk container) bulk bag suppliers in the country, providing products for various industries in South Carolina, including agriculture, manufacturing, food processing, construction, and more. If you’re looking for bags for handling, storing, and/or transporting large amounts bulk materials, including grain, seed, sand, or other materials, we’ve got the FIBC bags for your needs.

The “FIBC” determination means you are getting a quality product that you can trust to keep goods dry and prevent spillage. Bulk Bag Depot manufactures FIBC bags at or above industry standards and certifications. These reusable bulk bags typically hold between 2,000 and 4,000 pounds of product — although you should check the specifications on your bags to avoid overloading. Custom bulk bags are also available to suit your exact specifications.

FIBCs with Fill Spouts

FIBCs with fill spouts have openings at the top center and/or bottom center of the bag designed to mitigate spilled product and dust creation during the filling and unfilling process. Standard spouts are 14” in diameter and 18” long, but can be customized for your application.

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Baffle Bags

Baffles are fabric sewn to each corner of the bag to help maintain its shape and prevent bulging once filled.

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Duffle Bags

Duffle bags are bulk bags with an extended inlet that follows the bulk bag’s dimensions from its top seam to funnel materials when filling.

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FIBCs with Liners

FIBCs with liners are bulk bags with pre-installed liners that are affixed during the manufacturing process that offer increased protection against sifting, moisture, and other contaminants.

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Food Grade FIBCs

Food Grade FIBCs are lightweight, flexible food grade FIBCs that are made with 100% virgin polypropylene resins, which are required in order to meet FDA regulations.

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Bulk Bag Accessories

In addition to FIBC bulk bags, we also offer add-ons and accessories for South Carolina businesses, including:

FIBC Bag Liners

Liners offer an additional layer of protection against moisture or contamination, and can be installed into unlined bulk bags.

Repair Tape

A woven fabric polypropylene, high-strength industrial adhesive for patching small holes and other minor damage to bulk bags.

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South Carolina Bulk Bag Manufacturers

If your company operates near Bluffton, Beaufort, Hardeeville, Hilton Head, or any surrounding South Carolina areas, and you require bulk bags for a local project, order from a local business. Trust the experts at Bulk Bag Depot to protect your products with high-quality, reliable bulk bags.

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