FIBC Bulk Bags For Sale in Georgia

Bulk Bag Depot is a local provider of reusable bulk bags for businesses in the Savannah, Garden City, Richmond Hill, and Atlanta, Georgia areas, conveniently located near the Georgia Ports. Bulk bags are a reliable option for storing and transporting dry goods, sand, grain, and other such materials. They are also particularly useful for manufacturers looking for food grade bulk bags. Bulk Bags are particularly common for businesses in many industries:

  • Manufacturing
  • Construction
  • Agriculture
  • Food Processing

Bulk Bag Classifications

Type A Bulk Bags

The most basic bulk bags fall under the Type A FIBC category. These all‑purpose bags are made of plain‑woven polypropylene and offer no static protection, so they should only be used for non‑flammable products. Keep any flammable materials far from these bags.

Type C Bulk Bags

Also known as conductive FIBC bags, Type C FIBC bags have conductive threads woven through the bag that dissipate static energy from the bag’s surface. These are also connected to tabs that have to be grounded during the filling and unloading process. Type C bulk bags are used to store and transport flammable powders or when flammable gasses, dust, or vapors are present.

Type B Bulk Bags

Type B FIBC bags are made of non-conductive materials and can be used to store and transport dry, flammable powders — but not to store flammable vapors. In fact, flammable vapors should not be near Type B bags. These bags should also not be used in the presence of combustible dusts with MIE of greater than 3mj.

Type D Bulk Bags

These static-dissipating bags are similar to Type C, but don’t require grounding. The fabric of Type D FIBC bags has special additives to avoid brush discharges and incendiary sparks. They are best used to store and transport flammable powders or when flammable dust or gasses are present.

Beyond the classification of bulk bags, there are also a variety of configurations to choose from with spout top, spout bottom, duffle top, open top, and flat bottom, as well as baffled bags and bags with liners. Bulk Bag Depot stocks over 100 types of bulk bags with over ½ million bags for sale in Georgia, with available same day shipping. We offer fast turnaround, outstanding customer service, and warehousing service to offer additional cost savings for our customers.

Find the Best Bulk Bag for Your Georgia Business

Our experts can help you find the right type of bulk bag for your needs. We service customers throughout Georgia, South Carolina, and Florida, as well as many other areas of the U.S.A. Contact us today to see how Bulk Bag Depot can supply your business.